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Roman Bridge

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Roman BridgeIn the Roman period, the name of the river we see was the Anas and the Arabian prefix ‘Gaud’ which means river was added to it afterwards. So this bridge over the river, “The Bridge” as they would say in ancient times, was one of the longest ones in the antiquity. This construction gives meaning to the existence of this town and because of its strategic value it is a crucial element for trading and all the wars that took place in the east of the peninsula.

The bridge, built at the beginning of the Colony, is completely made up of concrete covered in granite ashlars. Today there are sixty semicircular arches; it is almost eight hundred metres long and twelve metres high at its highest points. The sturdy pillars these arches stand on show round cutwaters at the top, at areas that could be more affected by the current. Moreover, small arches were made in the pillars in these parts used as spillways in order to decrease the resistance of the sturdy structure of the bridge against the current.

Address: Plaza de Roma, s/n
Ruta: The Banks of Guadiana River

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