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Diana's Temple

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Diana's TempleIt is really an Imperial Cult Temple situated at the back of a big square which was partially levelled as is shown at some places by the remains of a cryptoporticus. Marble flagstones have still been preserved from the square as well as the enclosing walls and two ponds flanking the building. The rectangular temple rises over a high granite podium which ends in mouldings. On this podium there is a colonnade and the column tambours used to be plastered and painted. This colonnade surrounds the whole temple. At the front, in the south, it shows six columns on which a tympanum rested. You could use the staircase, of which only the substructure is preserved, to access the cella. It is possible that the altar was placed in the exedra that sectioned the staircase.

The temple must still have been built under Augustus. Its exceptional state of preservation is due to the fact that, for centuries, the temple served as the foundations and skeleton for the renaissance palace of the Count of Corbos of which some parts are still preserved.

Address: Calle Romero Leal, s/n
Route: City Centre

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