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Mérida is not only an interesting city by its Historical Legacy but also because we can enjoy of a really wonderful natural environment which allows us to put in practice another chance to enjoy and give pleasure to our senses. So, we can take a rest in a millenary Roman bath at the same time that we can enjoy Extremadura´s best cook with a good wine or enjoy simple of the natural environment to practice adventure and aquatic sports.


Balneario  de Alange

We have an authentic Roman bath with an actual use as a spa 17 Km from Mérida, in a fantastic natural place where Flavia Dynasty build a baths which was named as Aquae in this period.

During the Roman Period, the population of Alange was defined and increased thanks to the virtues of its medicinal waters, first, the source of its magnificent thermal baths and later, of the spa. Only the thermal complex with peripheral facilities used as a residential infrastructure for accommodation existed at that time; although some archaeological finds verify the existence of a small necropolis where the dead were buried along with a small temple.

They constitute the most relevant and well-known monument in Alange. Although the origin is probably earlier, we know that it already existed in the 3rd century during the Trajan and Hadrian Period. They are considered medicinal thermal baths because of the curative properties of the water and are located at the lowest point of the village at the foot of Cerro de la Mesilla. They were declared a National Monument by the government in the 30’s.

The Roman structure is a rectangular building with two identical circular chambers used for each sex. They are accessed via a sloped stone staircase. The circular pools are located at the centre of the chambers. The chambers feature two semi-spherical vaults on the ceiling with skylights in the middle.

Abandoned for several centuries after the Roman occupation, there is no information proving its use by the Muslims. The thermal facility was restored for public use at the end of the 18th century, although it wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th century when the reforms began and the current building was built. Therefore, the Spa building is comprised of areas dating back to the Roman Period, some to 1820 and others.

The action of the mineral-medicina waters of this spring has been scientifically proven. The dissolve radon in the water significally improves problems with nervous system, joint disease, rheumatism, the respiratory tract (Breathing disorders, gynecopathies, arthritis and moderate hypertension. The water applied in different ways and forms8 baths, cold, hold, alternating or Scottish showers, bubbles, underwater etc… as well as through inhalation treatments, aerosols, sprinklers, paraffin mud and massages.


Address: C/ Baños 58 - 06840 Alange (Badajoz)
Telephone: 924 365 106
Web: www.balneariodealange.com


turismo del paladar

We can find it a vineyard 8 Km from Mérida and located over a Roman settlement, they chose a spectacular site at the foot of the Lamoneda Mountain range which, according to recent research, was where the family of Roman General Maximus produced wines that were fashionable in Rome.

Situated 8 Km outside Mérida, our bodega was built on the site of an old Roman vineyard and is sheltered by an imposing granite mass, the Sierra de Lamoneda, which is famous for its cave paintings. The balsamic aromas of the nearby dense Mediterranean wood intermingle with the aromas of our wines.

From the outside, the bodega looks like a typical Extremadura grange, with a large interior courtyard surrounded by spacious porches and a beautiful vantage point. All events will focus on our carefully tended vineyard, the wines, and the winemaking and ageing processes. Our bodega boasts spacious banqueting halls that can accommodate up to 600 diners, a conference room for 200 people and small, private meeting rooms.

Wine lovers and the curious will have a cosy tasting room with a "shop" where they can taste and purchase our wines, as well as typical products of the region.


Address: Carretera N-630. Km 634. Aptdo. 714
Telephone: 902 506 364
Fax: 924 027 675
Web: www.vsantamarina.com


Ruta Senderista en Cornalvo

Thanks to its fantastic location close to Guadiana´s River and its nice surrounding, pointing out Proserpina reservoir (5km), and the Natural Park and Reservoir of Cornalvo (18km), Mérida offers a great offert in leisure and adventure sports that is worth enjoying.

In Cornalvo Interpretation Centre we can get the information to do different routes and lands that we can find in this park and its sorroundings.

At last, In Guadiana´s River Banks, we also can find a bikes renting services called ciclo- tours Guadiana and you can also rent mini boats to enjoy a tour through Guadiana´s waters.


Information hiking trails in the park
Address: Crta. Trujillanos - Embalse de Cornalvo, s/n
Telephone: 924 32 74 00
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pncornalvo/


Address: Calle Adriano, 1
Telephone: 924 316 778 / 687 970 358
Web: www.naturacción.com


Address: Camino del Agua s/n (Lago de Proserpina)
Telephone: 644 130 130 / 658 565 656
Web: www.meridaaventura.com


Cycles, bikes and boats by the environment of the Guadiana river passing through the city
Telephone: 646 216 341


aerial view of Merida


Balloon rides to discover landscapes and monuments from a new perspective
Telephone: 607 115 846
Web: www.siempreenlasnubes.com


A different way to approach Merida, having a unique experience and contemplating everything from a hot air balloon.
Telephone: 606 975 676
Web: extremaduraenglobo.com



A 25 minute panoramic tour passing near all the most emblematic monuments of the city blocks.
Telephone: 666 401 781
Email: manutren@yahoo.es